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Karen Stokes

Nice poster Susmita – what kind of role does ATX-LPA axis have in neurons and microglia?


Thank you Dr. Strokes for really great question. Yes it has been shown by other studies that ATX-LPA axis plays a role in activation of microglia through MAPK pathway leading to increased inflammation. And it has been also observed that neurons are go through apoptosis following LPA treatment. So, LPA also affects glial cells as well.
Thank you.

Elizabeth Disbrow

Do you think your findings might relate to dementia as well? People who have a stroke are more likely to develope it, and BBB integrity may be an important factor even without stroke.


Thank you for the question Dr. Disbrow. Actually Willette and his group has shown that ATX is elevated in Alzheimers disease and predicted that LPA might be impairing the memory functions. So I do think that these findings might be relatable in dementia as well independent of stroke, although further research is still needed.
Thank you.